Sigillum Sanctum Fraternitatis A∴A∴

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

The A∴A∴ is the system of spiritual attainment established by Aleister Crowley and George Cecil Jones in the early 1900s, as a modern expression of the Inner School of wisdom that has existed for millennia. Its central aim is simply to lead each aspirant toward their own individual attainment, for the betterment of all humanity. The course of study includes a diversity of training methods, such as Qabalah, Raja Yoga, ceremonial magick, and many other traditions. A∴A∴ is not organized into outer social organizations, fraternities or schools; rather, it is a magical Order based on the time-tested power of individual teacher-student relationships, under the guidance of the masters of the Inner School. All training and testing is done strictly in accordance with Liber 185 and other foundational documents.

Those interested in pursuing admission into A∴A∴ are invited to contact us by email or mail. (Note: While our primary mailing address is in California, we have initiates ready to receive Probationers in many locations around the U.S. and the world.)

PO Box 215483
Sacramento, CA 95821


The Student phase of preparation for work in A∴A∴ begins by acquiring a specific set of reference texts, notifying A∴A∴ of the same, and studying the texts for at least three months. The Student may then request Examination. More information about this process is available via the Cancellarius at the addresses (postal and email) given above. Please use only these contact addresses when initiating correspondence, and include your full legal name. All applicants must be at least 21 years of age. 

Please note: While there are other groups and websites claiming to represent A∴A∴, they are not affiliated with us, and we do not comment on their validity.

If you are called to begin this journey, we earnestly invite you to contact us. Regardless of your choice in this matter, we wish you the best as you pursue your own Great Work. May you attain your True Will!

Love is the law, love under will.